A good pair of boots is probably the most important item of outdoor equipment. When your feet are comfortable your enjoyment of the day is increased.

Arxus boots were originally developed for the demanding terrain of Scandinavia and are therefore built to perform in even the most extreme conditions.

Since our conception in 1986 our objective has been to constantly offer boots of the utmost quality, combining the highest levels of practicality and durability with great design.

Our desire was to set a new benchmark for high quality boots and to replace the traditional view of rubber boots with a more varied collection designed specifically for many outdoor activities.

The Arxus range has developed into a collection containing many unique features which combine to set us apart from other brands. 

Now at the forefront of rubber boot manufacture, Arxus is well established as a brand leader in terms of comfort, performance and longevity.

Such is our confidence in the quality of our boots that we offer a two year warranty on all models.