Arxus boots are made from 100% natural rubber in order to achieve a long product life and a strong resistance to external impact. No chemical additives are used. Only colouring pigment and the additives needed in the vulcanisation process are permitted.

The low temperature used during vulcanisation helps the rubber to keep its natural moisture. This is essential for a long product life. Our unique rubber thickness of 2.0mm provides the best protection against sharp objects and splitting. This is compared to the common industry standard of 1.3 to 1.5mm rubber thickness.


The unique Arxus construction method, using natural rubber around the entire foot, makes the boot waterproof even before the sole is assembled. If the sole should be damaged the boot will probably remain waterproof. The sole is built up in three technical layers, which provides superb comfort, the correct foot support, and extreme grip due to our unique sole X-pattern. 

Certain Arxus boot models have zips, which are made by Riri of Switzerland (the world's leading zip manufacturer), and are very easy to use.


The majority of Arxus models have a latex glued strap all the way around the upper, which guarantees that the strap will never drop or slip when tightened. The strap can be adjusted with a solid metal buckle clamp, which remains in place at all times. The exclusive leather piping on the top edge of the upper prevents the inner lining from separating from the outer rubber.